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April 9, 2021 Karen Lewis

Spencer Glacier 5k Dash – Get Your Race On – June 6th, 2021

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR 2021! Hope To See You Next Year!!

Spencer Glacier 5K Dash 

Come celebrate the beauty of the Spencer Glacier Area and the history of the Alaska Railroad History by racing the Spencer Glacier Overlook Trail which retraces the glacier recession over the last 100 years.  The Race will follow the Spencer Glacier Overlook Trail from the Spencer Glacier Whistle-Stop to the Terminus of the Glacier, retracing the Glacier Recession over the last 100 years.  


Take the Alaska Railroad to the starting line of the race!  The start of the race is only accessible by riding on the Alaska Railroad. The cost of your ticket is included in your race registration fee.

All participants must depart from the Portage Train Depot (Mile 80.3 of the Seward Highway – Look for the small red-roofed building adjacent to the Seward Highway with a large parking lot; the railroad tracks are visible on the opposite, north side of the parking lot.) 

Departure Options:

Saturday, June 5th – Train departs the Portage Railroad Depot at 1:25 PM. Be at the train station at 1:15 PM. Participants that choose to go the day before will receive their tickets at the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop the day of the race.

Sunday, June 6th – Train departs the Portage Railroad Depot at 1:25 PM. Be at the train station by 12:45 PM to receive your ticket and bib from a race greeter.

Return Options

Sunday, June 6th – Train departs from the Spencer Whistle Stop at 4:45 PM. Be at the train stop by 4:30 PM 

All train tickets and travel will be coordinated by Chugach Adventures.  Questions can be directed to Ari Stiassny at alaskanrafting@gmail.com. Do not contact the Alaska Railroad.

Family Members

If you would like to have family members accompany you please let us know in the registration form and we will contact you to arrange tickets and payment.


All Participants will park at the Portage Train Depot, Arriving at 12:45 PM to get Bibs.

Bib Pick-Up will take place at the Portage Depot on June 5th (If participants are overnighting at Spencer Glacier ) or June 6th.   

If leaving on the June 5th train please go to the Portage Depot to see a Chugach Adventures representative for your bib packet. If departing on June 6th a Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm NHA representative will give you your bib packet.

All Participants will be required to wear face masks and practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible.


$100 for the first 30 particiapants ($40 discounted train ticket plus $60 race registration fee)

UPDATE as of May 3, 2021: The first 40 participants will recieve the discounted price. When registering please use the discount code: TRAIN40 to receive the discounted price.

$140 for all other participants ($80 train ticket plus $60 race registration fee)

The race is capped at a maximum of 60 participants.

No refunds will be given.


The course will begin at the Spencer Whistle Stop of the Alaska Railroad and follow the Spencer Glacier Trail to Spencer Lake. From Spencer Lake participants will run the Spencer Glacier Overlook to the end of the trail for a total of 3.1 Miles / 5 Kilometers.

To return to the Whistle Spot participants will walk back 2 miles to the Chugach Adventures Base Camp for transportation back to the Spencer Whistle Stop.


All Participants will arrive at the Spencer Whistle Stop courtesy of the Alaska Railroad’s Glacier Discovery Train between 1:50 PM to 2 PM.

The race will start in waves at the following times: 

  • 2:10 PM – Wave 1 (Max of 20 Participants)
  • 2:12 PM – Wave 2 (Max of 20 Participants)
  • 2:14 PM – Wave 3 (Max of 20 Participants)

Participants will self select their wave based on their estimated 5K time. To minimize passing on the trail the first wave will be the faster runners.


The Spencer 5K Dash is open to all participants over the age of 16. If you have a youth that would also like to participate please contact Karen Lewis at karenlewis@kmtacorridor.org.


Parking will be available at the Portage Depot at Mile 80.3 of the Seward Highway.


– For RACERS, face coverings are REQUIRED at THE START & FINISH AREAS and when Social Distancing is not possible

– For VOLUNTEERS and SPECTATORS, face coverings are required all day when on the race course areas and/or when social distancing is not possible. 

– Hand sanitizer and push-pedal hand-washing station with soap will be provided outside public  bathrooms. 

Before the Race:

– Racers and volunteers will be instructed to perform self-health checks, including a  temperature check. Anyone who has had a temperature higher than 100.4, has had COVID-19  symptoms in 7 days before the race, or has had close contact with anyone sick in the previous  10 days will not be allowed to participate. 

– Racers and volunteers must sign a waiver on race morning confirming their good health. 

– Volunteers will be trained on COVID-19 sanitation and mitigation. 

– Participants traveling from out-of-state must follow the state of Alaska and Municipality of Anchorage travel mandates regarding testing and quarantining.

–  All Participants will follow AK Railroad Policies upon boarding the Glacier Discovery Train at 1:25 PM.

– Social distancing required by all (except members of the same household). – Pre-race announcement (with megaphone) 10 minutes before start will remind racers of  COVID-19 safety protocols and other info; spread arms out to ensure distancing while gathered.

During the Race:

– Face coverings are NOT REQUIRED for racers, but must be carried and accessible. 

– Racers stay 6 feet apart except while passing. 

–  Public Hikers will be provided the “Right of Way” and 6 Feet of Separation between all Public will be required.

– Announce passing (“on your left”, “on your right”) and take a wide berth if feasible. 

– No aid will be provided; participants must bring all their own food and drink.

 – Volunteers at the halfway checkpoint will track runners and otherwise  minimize contact with racers. 

– Basic First Aid kits available at halfway checkpoint and from sweepers for each race.


– Finishers may spend time to recover but should not linger longer than necessary. 

– Social distancing required by all (except members of the same household).

 – Face coverings REQUIRED for racers, volunteers and spectators except while eating or  drinking. 

– No group food or beverages and no group barbecue allowed. 

– Self-serve bag of sustenance available on table (single-serve chips/cookies/snacks/bottled  water); otherwise racers should bring own food. 

– Canned drinks served by volunteer (no digging through coolers). 

– Hand sanitizer will be provided


– The race director will follow up by email with racers and volunteers regarding possible COVID-19 symptoms. – Anyone who became ill must notify the race director. 

– In event of positive COVID-19 test, the Race Director will share contact information (phone numbers and  emails) with state health authorities for contact tracing and follow-up.


Please contact Karen Lewis at karenlewis@kmtacorridor.org

This event is under permit of the Chugach National Forest.






Registration is closed for the year! Hope to see you next year!

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