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December 5, 2019 Rachel Blakeslee


Mary and Frank Lowell sail into Resurrection Bay and settle the Seward area. Frank was not impressed, but Mary, who was pregnant and tired of travelling, refused to go on. Frank eventually left the family and moved to Port Wrangell. Mary remained with her nine children.



  1. The Lowell Family – from left: William Lowell, wife Mary, two children, matriarch Mary Lowell, daughter Eva and possibly daughter Alice. (Resurrection Bay Historical Society 20.1.1.)
  2. 1903 view of the Lowell Homestead in what is now downtown Seward. (Resurrection Bay Historical Society 21.1.4)
  3. Eva Lowell (later Eva Revell, finally Eva Simons) in 1902 (Resurrection Bay Historical Society 20.2.1)