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Sponsor Spotlight: Seward Community Foundation

By KMTA Staff

Nothing we do would be possible without the community of donors and supporters who selflessly dedicate their resources to the betterment of our communities. Today, we acknowledge the Seward Community Foundation (SCF) for their generous grant support allowing us to hire local staff for our outdoor education programs serving youth in Moose Pass and Seward this year. Funding from SCF has been instrumental in enabling us to expand under-resourced students’ access to outdoor education and deepen their connections to our natural and cultural heritage — thank you!

We recently spoke with Mark Kansteiner from the SCF board to learn more about the work and impact of the foundation in supporting projects like ours:

What motivated SCF to support KMTA in this capacity?

MK: You’re providing a local program for Seward and Moose Pass kids focused on outdoor education; we’re a big believer in outdoor ed for our local kids; and also really loved that you’re hiring a local person who will work with local kids as it provides a double impact.

What shapes SCF’s giving?

MK: It starts with Seward and Moose Pass, as majority of donors reside here. There are many other community foundations around the state, working for the benefit of local communities, but Moose Pass and Seward are our communities. As far as shaping, we look for some input or support from other organizations when considering funding a project. We also look at how people are positively impacted — with this KMTA program, you showed us in your grant application, for example, how many students you had in KMTA outdoor ed programs in recent years and demonstrated that a significant number where from our area — very compelling.

As an organization, what are you proudest of?

MK: We’ve contributed well over a million dollars now to Seward and Moose Pass organizations; we’re not in competition with nonprofits, we want to support them.

The Seward Community Foundation is an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, a statewide nonprofit organization that manages charitable funds, allowing donors to advance a cause, support an organization, or provide flexible support for community needs. For more information, visit their website