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August 15, 2019 Karen Lewis

Youth Explore through Four Valley’s Community School’s Summer Camps

This year KMTA helped sponsor a two day “Tides and Ecology” Camp for 4th -8th graders through the Four Valley’s Community Schools (FVCS). The camp focused on learning about local water sources and how the “water cycle” works. One of the highlights was meeting with the newly formed Beluga Whale Alliance to learn how to help our local Cook Inlet Beluga Whales, an endangered population. Seven youth and camp director Erin Leighton biked 15 miles round trip to Bird Point to meet with Suzanne Steinert, founder of the Beluga Whale Alliance. The camp went so well that Leighton is planning on making next year’s Tides and Ecology Camp last a full week.

Other educational camps that KMTA has funded teach wilderness skills and include float trips down the Portage River and visits to Spencer Glacier. The most popular camps always include a special field trip. “What makes our camps unique is the community we live in,” said Leighton, “Because most campers are local, we are able to explore more, grades 4-8 participants always bring their bikes so we can cover more ground.  Our camps are very hands-on, include active learning, and because we live in such an amazing state it is easy to get kids engaged.”

KMTA is proud to be a supporter of youth education and activities; supporting the FVCS programs the past four summers is just one of the ways we accomplish our mission. FVCS puts on three programs every year including a Summer Soccer program, a Summer Playground program and the previously mentioned Adventure Camp. Kids from Girdwood, Indian, Bird and even Anchorage have participated.