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Program Overview

KMTA’s SnowSchool connects students throughout Southcentral Alaska to the wild and wonderful world of snow! Winter in Alaska provides some of the best learning and recreation opportunities of the year and our program encourages meaningful connections and healthy behaviors that last a lifetime. Students strap on snowshoes and set out for a day of scientific exploration and outdoor adventure that emphasizes teachable moments and hands-on exploration of the snowpack and winterized watersheds.

Program Goals

1. Provide students with knowledge of basic snow science and hydrology using an experiential, inquiry-based teaching model.
2. Expose students to the winter environments and recreation opportunities in the KMTA NHA.
3. Provide opportunities to practice their science, social, and outdoor skills.
4. Model and cultivate stewardship behaviors and an appreciation for the natural world.

Program Schedule

SnowSchool programs include the following:

Pre & Post Visits: Our education staff will visit your class at school before and after your field trip as part of our experiential learning cycle model.

Field Trip: SnowSchool field trips can take place in a variety of locations throughout the Heritage Area. This year, we will be exploring the Exit Glacier Road area in Kenai Fjords National Park!

Field trip start and end times are flexible to accommodate bus availability. K-12 classes welcome. 15 participant minimum.

Program Pricing

SnowSchool cost: $30 per student. Cost includes the pre and post visit to your schools and snacks, instruction, and materials on the field trip day.


This year’s programs are generously supported by the National Park Foundation through their Open Outdoors for Kids Grant Program.

For this group, 2024 SnowSchool is $15 per student and includes the cost of school bus transportation in addition to the elements listed above.

For additional information, please contact:


Education Programs Manager

Partners & Supporters

Winter Wildlands Alliance

The Kenai Mountains – Turnagain Arm Corridor Communities Association is a local affiliate of the national SnowSchool program managed by the Winter Wildlands Alliance. With a community of over 70 provider sites, Winter Wildlands helps support winter love and learning across the United States through curriculum resources, gear & equipment discounts, and networking. To learn more, visit their website at www.winterwildlands.org/snowschool.

Backcountry Film Festival

As a SnowSchool site, we are able to further partner with Winter Wildlands Alliance to fundraise for programs through their Backcountry Film Festival (BCFF). This event brings the local winter recreation community together for a night of stoke in support youth education programs. More information about the Backcountry Film Festival can be found on our Events page.

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    • For Outdoor School, 1 adult per 5 students is required
    • For SnowSchool, a good guideline is 1 adult for every 6-8 students
    • Generally we have a minimum 15-person group size

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