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Alaska Outdoor School

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Education Through Adventure

KMTA CCA is the proud operator of Alaska Outdoor School, an immersive overnight program for fifth grade classes. Our mission: to cultivate lifelong stewardship of public lands in Alaska through standards-aligned, place-based outdoor education for Alaskan youth. By connecting students with the curiosity and wonder that only outdoor spaces can inspire, even the simple and joyous act of skipping a rock on Portage Lake can be a deeply impactful and powerful experience.
Outdoor School is Education Through Adventure! Students reap the mental and physical benefits of being outdoors and engage directly with the natural world to learn outdoor skills, natural and cultural history, science, recreation activities, career options, and social-emotional skills. This enables students to develop an appreciation for Alaska’s public lands and natural resources, think critically about big questions, and build resiliency in our changing world. We hope all students leave Outdoor School with new knowledge and new connections to themselves, their peers, and the land.

Our Classroom: Portage Valley

Every spring and fall, the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center becomes the home of Alaska Outdoor School.  The facility, which features exhibits, a theater, classroom, and other versatile spaces, is perched above the shore of Portage Lake in the heart of Portage Valley, where rich cultural and natural history affords students an incredible diversity of environments to explore.
We are able to use the Begich, Boggs Vistor Center through a partnership agreement with the Chugach National Forest, with whom we work closely to meet our shared goals of environmental education and stewardship.

Program Schedule

3 Days/2 Nights

Includes four field studies along with evening activities and campfire programs. Programs are available Wednesday – Friday.

Pre and Post Visits

Pre visits provide an intro to Outdoor School program staff who will set expectations, review gear needs, and build some excitement!

Post visits will “tie a bow” on Outdoor School through reflection activities, program surveys, and one last game or song 🙂

Program Pricing


Pricing is per student and includes instruction, lodging, meals, and transportation. Teachers, staff and chaperones attend for free with meals provided.

2024 Outdoor School Tuition         $200


Through the generous support of our donors and partners all participating schools are eligible for scholarships. To apply, please fill out our Scholarship Request form. 

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Education Programs Manager

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    • For SnowSchool, a good guideline is 1 adult for every 6-8 students
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